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Continuing with the "Old Man on the porch"

This here is a continuation of my last post give it a look for some context and the same content warnings apply here too

So You've heard of the old man and now you want to meet him, taste his power, madness and rage. for that you must walk to his porch.

His home lies hidden in the old woods, not the lord's woods, neither the woods where hunters and loggers go to get their feed or where brigands and witches meet for their schemes. No the Old Man lives where the mad scream until their throats bleed, the woods where children dare each other to spend a night in and never come back, where impossible lovers make their last vows and take each other's life. These are the woods where the elderly and sick march into without telling anyone, and no one comes looking.

The trees are tall and the canopy thick enough that it is always as dark as right before the night. The ground is overwhelmed by thick and knotted roots that make traversal slow and cumbersome the branches on trees seem always to be thick enough to hold the weight of a person. Other than the plants there is very little native animal life here, only the carrion eating birds and insects, but the deeper you go the less of them you see. The carrion they eat is normally a human body swaying with the wind, it's face forever locked in misery yet little to no marks of struggle*, Some times you find animal corpses, always jaunted and sickly looking and with a emptiness in their eyes.

While travelling into the woods one always feels watched, but there never seems to be a watcher to be found.

Walking down the woods is a bleak experience and very taxing, that is the Old man's price, he cares not for your gold, he wants your hope drained into hate, if you intend on having an audience with him your legs will move with the determination that comes with anger and frustration.  Else the forest will crush you under the millstone of melancholy.

Finding the Old Man's house

Look at the roots, learn to see where the corpses are pointing too. There are no trails in the woods and marking one is a pointless effort.

You will walk and every night you spend in the woods you will age (no save required). Try not to pay attention to the sorrowful whispers and push onward. You will find a clearing and at the center of this clearing there will be his cabin and on the porch, rocking with the gentleness of dementia will be the Old Man. Offer him cheap alcohol and tobacco, wait and listen to his whispers.

d12 encounters in the Old woods

1. an emaciated horse stumbles and dies.
2. your ration rots, eaten by sorrow bug grubs.
3. the sound of rope tightening, gagging, you find a fresh corpse.
4. a small altar, it's idol profane. Two dead bodies, daggers in each others' heart.
5. screams of madness that follow the party, the screamer is never found.
6. a Noose devil flies up above, it picked up the scent of one party member.
7. a wheelchair bound priest pushed by a tall and dark figure he smells of dust and may give. directions to the Cabin or the Black Chapel, he isn't so sure.
8. prepared spells are wasted.
9. a cemetery, if the graves are dug they are all empty and smell of sulfur.
10. A bottle of cachaça, still full harsh tasting, inside it there is a rusted key.
11. Ruined building, seemed to be an asylum, papers eaten by termites and all signs faded.
12. The black chapel flies up above.

*searching the bodies found in the wood will always produce a suicide note in addition to whatever else rolled.

- A very Bleak place to add to your world, have fun.

- Soon a bestiary

-And an explanation on the Chapel

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